Seek Answers on Difficult Optometry-Related Employment Issues & Regulations

Access PECAA's Human Resources Support Center with unlimited calls to AmeriBen's resource center hotline, up-to-date HR forms and document templates, a salary survey database, and more. This resource is complimentary for PECAA Max Members.

Resource Center Hotline for Optometry HR Questions

This telephone consultation service allows PECAA Max Members to make unlimited calls to AmeriBen's Resource Center Hotline, which receives a steady stream of calls and e-mails from members seeking answers and advice on difficult employment issues, perplexing regulations, safety concerns, and general personnel matters.

AmeriBen's consultants have the expertise to respond to the majority of employment questions. Consultants answer over 4,000 calls a year and you will get a live voice 90% ‐ 95% of the time.

The list below provides a sampling of topics that are addressed and resources that are provided on a daily basis on the Resource Center Hotline.

  • Handbook Template
  • Application Template
  • Orientation Check List
  • Offer Letter
  • Letter of Transfer
  • Termination Letter
  • Performance Review
  • Oral Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Last Chance Agreement
  • Exit Interview Form
  • Termination Checklist
  • Hourly Timesheet
  • Authorization for Deductions in Pay
  • Background Authorization
  • Workplace Bullying Sample Policy
  • Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Job Descriptions with Expanded Physical Requirements
  • Job Descriptions with Limited Physical Requirements
  • Employment Checklist (For HR)
  • Job Abandonment Sample Termination Letter
  • Exempt ‐ Performance Review
  • Non-Exempt ‐ Performance Review
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Executives ‐ Self Review

Employee Handbook

PECAA | Professional Eye Care Associates of America

Sample employee handbooks are provided for PECAA Max Members at no charge.

Employee handbooks should be reviewed periodically to ensure policies are not outdated or invalidated by new laws and regulations.

AmeriBen will review your current employee handbook for a discounted fee.

Employment Application

Enjoy access to sample employment applications which allow employers to gather a factual, uniform record of each applicant's qualifications for a position. Compared with other hiring tools, job applications offer several advantages:

  • Employer control
  • Job-relatedness
  • Uniformity

For a small additional charge, AmeriBen will provide a review of your current employment application.

Newsletters, Webinars & Training

PECAA Max members who subscribe to this service will receive the most up-to-date accurate information on management consulting issues, legislative changes, case employment summaries, management tips, and other practical advice. This is one of the most popular features of client resources because it informs your management staff of current events and issues without any research or time-consuming studying on your part

Enjoy 60 minute monthly webinars online on topics ranging from human resource best practices, leadership, application of new or existing laws, benefits, and more.

Additional training events, such as full day workshops and the annual leadership conference, will be available to PECAA Max Members at a significant discount!

Salary Survey

Enjoy access to a database that contains salary survey information and job descriptions for over 7,400 occupations in metropolitan areas around the United States.

  • This tool will help you evaluate what salary to pay in order to stay competitive and attract quality candidates
  • Information is gathered specifically for your industry, geographical location and years of experience.
  • The database is updated quarterly.
  • Also includes relocation information, executive compensation data, and incentive compensation.

Customized Services

PECAA Max members receive discounted pricing on the customized services listed below:

  • 360° Evaluations and Coaching
  • Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Employment Application Review
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Compensation Design
  • On-Site HR Audit
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Recruiting Services
  • On-Site Investigations
  • On-Site Training & Development