About the Billing and Coding Certification Program

The OBCCP (Optometric Billing & Coding Certification Program) is accredited by the AHEC (Accreditation by the Higher Education Committee). This is an exclusive program presented by PECAA, designed for eyecare professionals operating within the billing and coding capacity of the practice.

This comprehensive program will include in depth training and review of the following topics:

  • Optometry Basics
  • Medical Terminology
  • The lifecycle of a Claim
  • Documentation
  • Vision vs. Medical Insurance
  • HCPCS Coding
  • ICD-10-CM Coding
  • Denials and Appeals

Our winter/spring 2024 class has reached capacity. Details for our next class coming soon!

Course Publications

Course publications contain the necessary material to complete the program and correspond with course material. Books are included with registration.

Optometric Billing and Coding Certification Course 2024 Optometric Billing and Coding


The 2024 Spring session dates are January 30 to May 24.

Each week there will be two live 1-hour sessions, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

  • Tuesday sessions will consist of lesson material and instruction.
  • Thursday sessions will be a live Q&A session where program attendees can ask the instructor specific questions and they can work through the lesson exercises that are provided.
  • Tuesday Sessions will begin at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET.
  • Thursday Sessions will begin at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Cost to Attend

PECAA Max Members*: $895 per person

HEA Advantage Members: $1,095 per person

Non-Members: $1,295 per person

*if you would like to learn more about upgrading your membership to PECAA Max, click here.


  • There will be two quizzes throughout the program.
  • Quiz One will be assigned after week 6 and Quiz 2 will be assigned after week 13.
  • Each quiz will be 40 Multiple Choice Questions and you must receive a combined 70% from both quizzes to pass.
  • You will have a maximum of two attempts per Quiz.

Final Exam Information

  • The exam will be 100 Multiple Choice Questions and you must receive 80% to pass this final exam.
  • The test will need to be completed within two hours of starting the exam. It will be timed.
  • You can take the test as many times as needed within the open testing period.
  • The testing link will be emailed to each participant at the conclusion of the last live class session.

Earning Your Certificate

Each participant must receive at least a 70% combined grade from both quizzes AND a grade of at least 80% on the final exam to qualify to earn their certificate.


Lesson 1: Optometry Basics

This consists of 6 pre-recorded sessions that will be posted to the OBCCP Participant Page. All program registrants will receive an email two weeks before the program begins that will provide the assignment to watch the pre-recorded sessions prior to the start of the program.

Week 1:

  • OBCCP begins - course overview and review of pre-recorded sessions 1-6

Lesson 2: Optometry Billing

Week 2:

  • Life Cycle of a claim and Intro to CMS-1500 Form

Week 3:

  • Vision Plans / Different types of vision plans
  • Health Insurance / Different types of health insurance plans

Week 4:

  • Check in process
  • Insurance Verification

Week 5:

  • Check out process
  • Introduction to payment processing

Week 6:

  • Review week for Lessons 1 and 2
    • Quiz #1 will be assigned at the end of Thursday’s session.

Lesson 3: Optometry Coding

Week 7:

  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Function of the eye

Week 8:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Documentation introduction

Week 9:

  • CPT Coding

Week 10:

  • Modifiers

Week 11:

  • HCPCS Coding and HCPCS V-Codes

Week 12:

  • Optometry diagnosis codes and ICD-10 CM Coding

Week 13:

  • Denials and appeals
    • Quiz #2 will be assigned at the end of Thursday’s session.

Course Review & Exam

Week 14:

  • Exam Review
    • Final exam will be sent out at the end of the final Thursday session.

Week 15:

  • Final exam week - no actual sessions.

Billing and Coding Certification Course Instructor

Teri Thurston

Teri Thurston, PECAA Billing and Coding Advisor

Teri Thurston is a revenue cycle professional with more than 26 years’ experience in the eye care industry. She has managed complex billing teams for ophthalmology and optometry practices. Teri has worked with various physicians to increase profitability, implement RCM efficiencies, and ensure billing compliance. She is passionate about supporting eye care professionals through billing and coding education.

Billing and Coding Certification Course Creator

Kayla Groves

Kayla Groves, PECAA Optical Management Advisor

Kayla is an accomplished professional with 17 years of experience in the optical field. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed and operated multiple optometry practices, including her own. With her extensive expertise, she has worked closely with hundreds of optometry practices, providing valuable guidance and support. In addition to her practical experience, Kayla holds a Ph.D. in counseling, further enhancing her ability to understand and address the needs of patients and professionals in the field. Combining her optical knowledge with her counseling expertise, she has developed educational programs that greatly benefit the industry. Notably, Kayla is the creator of the billing and coding certification course (OBCCP), a comprehensive program that equips individuals with the necessary skills to handle the financial aspects of optometry practices efficiently. She has also developed the Optical Management Certification Course (OPTMC), empowering professionals to oversee and optimize the operations of their practices effectively. Kayla's dedication to the optical field, extensive experience, and commitment to education make her a valuable resource to our members.