Two Industry-Best Programs, Participate In One Or Both

One of the biggest advantages of PECAA membership is that independents now have access to two industry-best programs through one partner: PECAA Max and HEA Advantage. Click the ‘Learn More’ button below to connect with us for a complimentary Benefits Overview of one or both programs.

PECAA Max - Connect. Build. Prosper.

Maximum Results,
Maximum Value

A membership experience like no other, PECAA Max is designed to make all of the hardest parts of running your practice easier. In addition to connecting you to a smart community of peers who share insight and experience, your PECAA Max membership includes access to a team of personal advisors ready to help you optimize every aspect of your practice — plus industry-best pricing and PECAA’s unrivaled IncentivEYES® vendor rebates.

Free HEA Advantage membership: PECAA Max members can also join HEA Advantage for no additional charge.

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HEA Advantage - Save Time. Save Money.

More Choice, 200+ Vendors
One Bill, One Payment

HEA Advantage members enjoy immediate access to the largest choice of market-leading and niche vendors across all product categories. In addition to the time-saving convenience of receiving one statement from a single source for all optical purchases, members place a high value on consolidated billing as the most efficient way to monitor their cost of goods.

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Here’s What Members Are Saying

“By bringing together all the best of both a buying group and an alliance under one company, it’s really the only group of its kind. I have access to the best across-the-board vendor discounts and rebates, the efficiencies of consolidated billing, and ‘what’s working and what’s not’ input from other members to help me prioritize growth opportunities and make better decisions about the hurdles we all face day-to-day.”

“As a member of HEA Advantage, there’s a lot more to choose from: better promotions with vendors, better rebates and better pricing. When I calculate the amount of administrative tasks that are reduced by consolidating my orders with HEA Advantage, I estimate it has cut those tasks by 30 percent. There’s no doubt of the value saved in time alone, not to mention discounts. HEA is one heck of a strategic partner for us.”

“I became a PECAA Max member before I even opened. The cold-start program and ongoing management support literally helped me build a successful practice from the ground up — even through the pandemic. The combined buying power, financial expertise and vast capabilities of this new PECAA Max + HEA Advantage organization now provides independent eye care professionals like me with the diverse support and resources we need from a single source.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about PECAA Max and HEA Advantage membership here. For other questions on either program or to learn more about the benefits of each, click ‘Learn More’ above to connect with the PECAA Team.