PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program supports doctors who are in the process of opening a brand new practice with special membership above and beyond PECAA’s standard member programs.

Cold Start Membership

  • Enjoy FREE Membership for your first 6 months of PECAA membership
  • Allows you to utilize PECAA’s vendor programs and reduce costs for capital expenses like software, medical equipment and optical fixtures
  • Enjoy the second 6 months of PECAA membership at the reduced fee of $69/month
  • The next full year of PECAA membership is priced at 50% off, $139
  • Your practice graduates to standard membership fee, $279/month, after you have already experienced 2 full years of PECAA membership
  • PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program saves you $4,000 in your first two years of membership, compared to our standard Membership fee
Cold Start Practice Program
Are You Opening a New Practice? Join PECAA’s Cold Start Program! Text 'SUCCESS' to 1-833-669-0479

What Members are Saying About the Program…

The Member Business Advisor team helped me through every step, from conception to execution.  I look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of  being a PECAA Max member as my practice grows. -Dr. Emily Ridge

Tips & Timeline

Based on many conversations with PECAA’s Cold Start Members, PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Advisor, Jenny Wiley, has created an article with 5 Tips to Consider When Opening a Cold Start Practice. You may also download a timeline that will be a helpful guide for you to know when you should begin incorporating certain things into your new practice.

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Meet Your Dedicated Advisor: Jenny Wiley, Practice Operations & Cold Start Advisor, PECAA

PECAA | Professional Eye Care Associates of America

You will be able to work with PECAA’s sole dedicated Cold Start Advisor, Jenny Wiley, who will help you make this exciting transition.

Growing up in a small town in Virginia, Jenny Wiley’s first exposure to the eye care industry was as a babysitter to the town’s only Optometrist. Soon, she was helping out around the office during her summer breaks from college. Over the next 30(ish) years, Jenny worked in optical, earned her Certified Ophthalmic Technician Certification and transitioned into management. Prior to joining PECAA in February of 2015, she was leading multiple offices of a 10 location Ophthalmology and Optometry practice in Portland, OR. She has led PECAA’s Cold Start Program since December of 2015 and joined the Business Advisor Team as Practice Operations Advisor last summer.

“I love working with the cold starts. There are so many pieces to the puzzle and it’s so much fun to see the final picture come together. I consider it a privilege to be a part of their journey to practice ownership.