Joining Forces To Create The Only Membership Group Of Its Kind

PECAA's Mission

PECAA was founded in 2006 by three independent ODs in the Pacific Northwest looking for ways to better serve the independent eye care community. Over the years PECAA has become the preeminent alliance organization in vision care, hosting hundreds of local/regional networking opportunities nationwide and the most respected national alliance event in the industry. As we’ve grown, we have expanded offerings such as consulting services, vendor discounts and a Cold Start program for new independent eye care professionals.

Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA), the nation’s largest buying group, was formed through the integration of four firms founded in the early 1980s to provide independents with the buying power to compete with retail optical. HEA built relationships with more than 250 vendor partners and has expanded services to offer business and technology support. The time-saving convenience and efficiency of consolidated billing is among the hallmarks of our service.

As the needs of the independent eye care professional have evolved, the advantages of combining a buying group and an alliance became clear. In 2021, PECAA and HEA joined forces to create the nation’s largest community of independent eye care professionals, a true breakthrough. PECAA now serves more than 12,000 members and provides a comprehensive array of services and solutions encompassing the best of the buying group and alliance business models. Combining all the peer networking, staff training, advisory services and best-in-class purchasing programs of an alliance with the broad array of vendor partners and consolidated billing efficiencies of a buying group, PECAA's suite of services is a game-changer for independents, with benefits not available through any other group.


A photo of Jonathan Worrall

Jonathan Worrall


A photo of Jamie Hughes

Jamie Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

A photo of Lance Anderson, OD

Lance Anderson, OD

Chief Strategy Officer

A photo of Justin Manning, OD, MPH, FAAO

Justin Manning, OD,

Chief Member Experience Officer

A photo of Stephanie Lucas

Stephanie Lucas

Chief Marketing Officer

A photo of Michael Freiburghouse, CPA

Michael Freiburghouse, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Mayur Prabhu

Mayur Prabhu

Chief Technology Officer

A photo of Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell

Executive VP of Membership

A photo of Bryan Hoban

Bryan Hoban

Executive VP & General Manager of Member Business Advisory

A photo of Laura Dorris

Laura Dorris

Executive VP & General Manager of Strategic Sales

A photo of Josh Mesirow

Josh Mesirow

Executive VP & General Manager of Strategic Partnerships

A photo of Diane John

Diane John

Executive VP & General Manager of Marketing

A photo of Tin Le

Tin Le

Executive VP & General Manager of Application Technology

A photo of Roman Golubev, CPA

Roman Golubev, CPA