InD Eyewear is the exclusive frame brand for PECAA. It was created exclusively for PECAA Members and will only be sold by PECAA Members.

InD Eyewear is a top-quality frame line designed to provide practice's with increased gross margins, profitability and EBITDA because of PECAA's new direct-from-factory relationship. Member benefits include:

  • Increased Profit: The cost-of-goods are 70-80% below branded frames because of our new direct-from-factory relationship.
  • Exclusivity & Differentiation: InD Eyewear by PECAA will not be sold online and therefore cannot be shopped online. Only PECAA Members can sell InD Eyewear.
  • Quality Frames: Only the best for your patient's and only the best for our Members.
  • Control: This is YOUR brand. You have complete control over the product.

Member's now can sell a truly independent frame collection. A frame collection that benefits your patient and your business.

To learn more about InD Eyewear by PECAA, set up a discovery meeting with Doug Martin.

Why InD Eyewear?

InD Eyewear, PECAA’s exclusive private label eyewear brand, was developed for two primary reasons. First, to help their independent members better compete. Second to help members fight inflation.

In today’s highly competitive optical industry Member practices are under attack from many different forces like managed care, corporate optometry, and private equity. Growing profitability is challenging. Over the past 10 years, ECP’s capture rates have been declining – reportedly now less than 50%. This means one out of every two patients are not buying their eyewear from the practice where they get their eye examined.

Inflation is at a 40-year high. Members have to increase their net income by over 8% just to stay even with the impact of INFLATION. Doing more of the same is not an inflation fighting strategy. It’s time to transform your optical approach.

InD Eyewear is a private label, factory direct program. PECAA Members benefit because:

  • Exclusive to PECAA Members
  • High quality, differentiating frame line
  • 70 – 80% cost-of-goods savings
  • Listed in Frames Data/Facts & VSP catalog
  • Can’t be shopped online
  • No shipping costs
  • One-year manufacture warranty

“I have always thought about having my own line of eyewear. This program just makes it really easy through PECAA. The frames have been really good and the quality has been on par with all of the other brands in that price range. Patients have actually been choosing these over the other ones we offer, and they are really liking the price they are offered at. Many are not paying a ton out of pocket or even needing to use their insurance.”

-Dr. David Britzke
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Member Benefits

InD Eyewear by PECAA levels the playing field by providing Members high quality frames with very low cost-of-goods. Each PECAA Member controls the brand providing their patients with more value to effectively compete against the chains and online retailers.

InD Eyewear by PECAA is successful. Since launching in January 2021, it has proven it provides practices with increased gross margins, profitability and EBITDA because of our direct-from-factory relationship.

  • Increased Profit – The cost-of-goods are 70-80% below branded frames. InD is listed in Frames Facts / Data and will increase your managed care reimbursements by as much as 70% as compared to similar branded frames.
  • Exclusivity & Differentiation – InD Eyewear by PECAA will not be sold online and therefore can’t be shopped online. Only PECAA Members can sell InD Eyewear.
  • Quality Crafted Frames – Only the best for your patients and only the best for our Members.
  • Control – This is YOUR brand. You have complete control over the product.


The frame shapes are classic and conservative. Proven sellers over time and the perfect addition to your overall frame assortment. The InD Eyewear collection includes womens, mens, tween, unisex, XL, and titanium styles with eye sizes ranging from 45 to 59.

Select the frames and colors you want from the InD Eyewear ordering platform. Fill in the gaps in your optical. Minimum opening order is 60 frames. It’s that easy.


InD Eyewear by PECAA is created from the finest materials and components. The frames are made from Grade A, Italian acetate, German and Japanese riveted hinges and the titanium comes from Japan and China. Exactly the same materials and components used by the leading frame companies.

What Are InD Eyewear Clients Saying About It?

“…quality, stylish frames for the price-conscious consumer who wants a frame for which the insurance company will pay.”

“We have been very pleased with the wide selection of frames styles and colors…”

“This frame line is very competitive and helps minimize loss of sales to the internet sites…”

“InD is a workhorse on our frame board!”

“…very pleased with the craftmanship of the InD frames…”

“…the more InD frames we sell, the more our profit margins will increase…”

“…the frames are easy to adjust…”

“…the quality speaks for itself and we have not had to fix or ask for a warranty replacement for them.”

“InD has been a HUGE success in our office.”

“InD has helped us provide better care to our patients by offering a quality product that is also a more affordable option.”

“We have had great feedback from our patients on the product.”

“The patients really love the style of the frames, along with the quality. They are easy to sell, look good on patients, and great for our bottom line! I recommend InD Eyewear for every office!”

Eager to Learn More?

PECAA members interested in learning more about our exclusive frame line, InD Eyewear by PECAA, are encouraged to log into your PECAA member portal and visit the InD Eyewear page, where you can schedule an appointment.