Save Time, Gain Freedom & Develop the Office Culture You Desire

Let the Outcome Thinking® Inner Circle Coaching Program help you spend more time with patients and less time and headache on office challenges.

Be a Part of the Outcome Thinking® Inner Circle

Imagine having access to an expert that can help you gain clarity on a situation, drive to the root of it, and then solve it once and for all.

Through a partnership with Anne Warfield, Executive Leadership Strategist and author of Outcome Thinking: Getting Results Without the Boxing Gloves, PECAA brings you a coaching program that dives into a variety of topics including:

  • How to make long-lasting office processes
  • Dealing with employee hang-ups so they operate at a high level
  • How to hold your team to a higher standard
  • How to create your ideal office culture
  • How to set scheduling and PTO to avoid the perception of preferential treatment
  • How to give feedback so it's digested and creates change
  • How to optimize patient flow and maximize your time
  • How to answer patient pricing questions so they don't take their business online
  • Common hiring mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Creating an onboarding system for training your team the right way
  • And much more!

Here's What to Expect From the Coaching Program:

The coaching program, designed specifically for PECAA eye care practice owners, is intended for practitioners who are serious about streamlining their practice, improving efficiencies and saving themselves and their team time and energy in the long run on tasks and projects that don't produce a high ROI.

Achieving this does require a time commitment on your part. If you feel you will be too busy to attend the live monthly sessions or are wanting something you can partake in at your leisure, this is not the program for you

If you can't attend one of the live sessions don't worry ‐ you will have access to the recordings in your private portal but remember that this should be a fallback and not the norm!

This is about making your life easier. If you dive in, participate in all of the live sessions, do your team strategic assessment, submit your customizer form and and still feel that 30 days later you don't love the program, your money will be refunded.

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Program Investment

The standard cost to participate in a coaching session is $16,000 per person. IMP has a significantly reduced special price for PECAA Members at $7,500 per person.

The Outcome Thinking Inner Circle program tailored specifically for eye care practice owners is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

The coaching program duration is one full year.

You will gain access to a private portal filled with education and training videos and additional tools to assist you.

You get triple level access, including:

1) Easy, quick learning tools within the portal are available at your fingertips. These resources include education on topics such as hiring, firing, onboarding, building a corporate culture, shattering limiting beliefs, understanding and communicating with different brain styles and much more.

2) Private access to one-on-one assistance where you can send in situations/challenges you or your practice is facing and receive help and advice within 24 business hours.

3) Nine other individuals in your practice will receive our Team Communication Package which includes a brain assessment so you can figure out which brain styles each team member possesses and how that brain style impacts decisions and interactions with other team members and patients.

We will meet monthly as a group with other individuals participating in the coaching sessions and you can send in situations weekly via our private chat line.

The standard cost to participate in a coaching session is $16,000 per person. IMP has a significantly reduced special price for PECAA Members at $7,500 per person.

If you are ready to make the investment to streamline your practice, gain efficiencies and save time, use this link to register.


PECAA | Professional Eye Care Associates of America Dr. Chris Cooper
West Tennessee Eye

"I wish I had worked with Anne 15 years ago because my practice would be so much further ahead and would have saved hundreds of thousands in staff turnover costs.”

The biggest benefit is how I manage and engage with my team. Human resources have always been the biggest challenge in practice. The core foundation is understanding individual brain styles. The different styles of each team member mean the same information is processed differently and needs to be communicated differently. This provides me with the insights I need to be a more effective leader.

Anne has solved the constant problem of new employee training. I was shocked that the level of customization and personal one-on-one support Anne provided to me.

I love how Anne takes my specific staff challenges and provides clear direction as she role plays the solutions with me.

Every PECAA member who says they are too busy to commit to Outcome Thinking Inner Circle is probably right. These members should stop just being busy and start operating like a CEO with Outcome Thinking®.

PECAA | Professional Eye Care Associates of America Dr. Alan Arabi
ProView Eye Care Optometry

Impression Management's Inner Circle has been a wonderful experience. It has helped me look at my staff and practice through a different lens. I have a greater understanding on how to communicate more effectively with them and how they may see the world. As a leader, I feel more confident addressing challenges among our team, improving our team productivity and culture, and motivating our team to achieve our goals.

In addition, it has been amazing to work with Anne. She has a phenomenal ability to listen to your problems, understand different perspectives and devise a solution. She was very accessible, we could message her with any issues we faced and she would send us a reply with her solution.

Overall, the program has been very impactful. I find myself continuously using the tools I learned to effectively approach problems in my practice and in my life. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend it to colleagues.

Meet Your Advisor

PECAA | Professional Eye Care Associates of America
Anne Warfield
CSP & Outcome Thinking Strategist

Anne Warfield is an Outcome Strategist that developed a brain-based methodology called Outcome Thinking®. This revolutionary way of learning to think, speak, and execute like a C Level Executive is used by clients around the world to gain 30% more time as a leader, to raise Employee Engagement Scores of leaders by over 30% and to build bench strength making 60% of leaders promotable in their first year!

Because of her expertise, Anne has been featured in Business Week, Forbes, Mademoiselle and Investors Business Daily, has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and the Discovery Channel, as well as on top radio stations around the world. Anne was awarded the highest earned distinction by the National Speakers Association ‐ the Certified Speaking Professional. Only 350 speakers hold this designation internationally. As a Certified Speaking Professional, Anne is one of the top 7% of all speakers nationwide.

She is the author of “Outcome Thinking®: Getting Results Without the Boxing Gloves” and “Communicating More Effectively: How to Read What a Person is Thinking but Not Saying,” as well as the audio tape program “Success Negotiating: Less Stress, More Yes” and is currently working on her next book. Anne is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Minnesota Speakers Association.