About The Selling Strategies For Success Workshop

Due to the popularity of the Optical Merchandising Workshops and at the request of Members, PECAA is introducing brand-new, one-day Selling Workshops which are designed to give attendees a better understanding of the patient experience, learn how to listen and communicate effectively with patients and ultimately, improve selling techniques to increase profitability and patient retention.

The workshops include a complete day of learning and hands-on courses that are beneficial for doctors, optical buyers and practice administrators.

The workshops are open to members and prospective members and are completely free to attend.

What Members Are Saying About the Workshop…

I always look forward to PECAA meetings as I always leave with a wealth of new information that is so very useful. Time and time again it has given a fresh new perspective for valuable tools that have benefited our office! -Shantel Guzman, Eyes Plus Inc.

Our office is really eager and excited to put all we’ve learned collectively to improve our patient’s experience; communication, relationship building and to increase sales. -Rowena Abear, Central O’ahu Eyecare


Both Doug and Samantha make their presentations fun and entertaining. The subject matter is relevant to today’s business environment. I love that I always learn new things to help my practice. -Dawn Christman Munoz, North Valley Eye Medical Group

Great presentations with lots of real-world value to use in our practice! -Dr. Art Kobayashi, Central O’ahu Eyecare

Lots of very useful information. Can definitely use this information in our everyday practice. Really pumps you up to return to your office and excel. -Hollie Grubbs, Atlantis Eye Care


Workshop Schedule

Our 2018 workshops have concluded, but save the date for the following workshops scheduled for 2019 (subject to change):

  • February 26: Raleigh, NC
  • February 27: Jacksonville, FL
  • March 6: Oklahoma City, OK
  • April 18: Kansas City, MO
  • April 27: Vancouver, WA
  • April 30: San Antonio, TX
  • June 6: Seattle, WA
  • September 11: Atlanta, GA
  • September 26: Portland, OR
  • October 1: Milwaukee, WI
  • October 2: Chicago, IL
  • October 15: Dallas, TX
  • October 16: Salt Lake City, UT
  • November 6: Phoenix, AZ

Selling Strategies for Success Workshop Courses:

Selling Satisfaction, Doug Martin (COPE 52056-PM) & ABO

This course teaches doctors and staff how to build an effective, comprehensive communication strategy designed to deliver a consistent patient experience and superior business results. Practices today are inconsistent on how they gather and use information to help patients achieve the best vision possible in all facets of their daily life. ‘Selling Satisfaction teaches doctors and staff their respective roles, how to systematically gather information and collectively use it to prescribe and sell multiple products to meet the lifestyle needs of each patient.  This course teaches doctors and staff how to positively handle many common, everyday patient encounters thereby enhancing the overall patient experience. Practice’s that focus on ‘Selling Satisfaction’ generate long-term patient satisfaction and superior business results.

Selling More Lenses, Doug Martin (COPE 58676-PM) & ABO

The goal of this CE presentation is to teach doctors and staff how to develop a comprehensive selling system by identifying and understanding each patient’s lifestyle needs and budget constraints. Then to use space planning, staffing, pricing and benchmarking techniques to sale more lenses increasing the practice’s revenue and patient satisfaction.

The course objectives are:

  1. To increase lens sales.
  2.  To teach practice’s how to integrate purchasing and marketing.
  3. To show practice’s how to properly plan space and staffing to maximize their sales opportunities.

Identifying & Overcoming Patient Objections, Samantha Toth (COPE 58037-PM) & ABO

Patients have more options from which to purchase eyewear than ever before. When they decide not to purchase eyewear from you, it’s important to understand the real reason why they didn’t purchase. Is it price? Selection? Are they going to buy online instead? This course teaches your team how to listen and identify the most common patient objections to purchasing eyewear, how to set your office up for success, and the skills necessary to overcome their purchasing fears. Great for owners, managers, and staff of all experience levels.

Increase Your Profit Seeing the Same Number of Patients, Samantha Toth (COPE 58033-PM) & ABO

It costs five times more to attract a new patient than to keep an existing one. Unfortunately, only 44 percent of practices have focus on new patient acquisition versus the 18% that focus on existing patient retention. This course illustrates how the most important marketing focus for any successful practice is to understand how retaining and building loyal relationships with patients is essential to the success of any practice. Learn in-office patient experience strategies, as well as sales training designed to increase your average selling price (ASP) and the effectiveness of your business’s marketing. Ideal for owners, managers, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Workshop Speakers:


Doug Martin, Master of Management – Innereactive Media

Doug has been in management for over 33 years, 18 years in the retail industry working for Neiman Marcus, I Magnin and Macy’s. In 1999, Doug entered the optical industry where he served as President of a two office, five-doctor practice. Over the next ten years he developed that practice into a regional powerhouse with 25 doctors and 16 locations. Doug then developed a consulting program called the Optical Performance Review and has helped both domestic and international independent practitioners improve the look and performance of their optical boutiques.

Samantha Toth

Samantha Toth, Marketing Rockstar – Innereactive Media

Samantha is a professional speaker and resident “marketing rockstar” for Innereactive Media, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up in an optical practice with multiple family members in the industry including her mother, father, sister, uncle and grandfather. An ABO certified optician herself, Samantha worked as a dispensing optician for eight years, as well as managed an independent optometric practice. During this time, she realized there were very few people, or marketing companies, that understood the unique marketing needs of the optical industry.

With a strong passion for marketing and design, Samantha pursued and completed her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University. In 2003, she started Innereactive Media, a full service marketing company that specializes in the optical industry. Her experience as a certified optician, along with her formal marketing education has given her a unique perspective on marketing, design and website solutions for the optical industry.

Samantha is an ABO, NCLE, AOA, and COPE approved speaker and she lectures across the country teaching optometrists and opticians best practices for marketing their practices. Her niche expertise led her to be named one of Vision Monday’s “Most Influential Women in Optical,” and has enabled her to work with various optical practices, laboratories, frame and lens manufacturers.


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