About PECAA Gives:

After a site visit to New Orleans in 2016, our Events Team approached PECAA with an idea… let’s find a way to leave our “footprint” in the cities that welcome us each year – and PECAA Gives was officially born! Many of you were there when we “paraded” through sheets of rain in the streets of New Orleans, led by our first PECAA Gives recipient, the Edna Karr Marching Band. Since that time, our Members and Vendor Partners have donated over $70,500 to local groups and foundations in need.

The process of choosing the PECAA Gives recipient is as exciting as it is heart-wrenching, and this year was no exception. Denver is home to hundreds of organizations that support individuals and entire communities in need and narrowing our choice to 1 was nearly impossible. Art from Ashes, our 2020 beneficiary, empowers some of the most vulnerable through creative expression. Our time with them last summer was transformative for us, and we have no doubt that your experience will be just as powerful.

2020 Beneficiary: 

After careful consideration, and many heart-tugging discussions, PECAA has chosen Art From Ashes as its 2020 PECAA Gives beneficiary.

This non-profit organization does incredible work and we invite you to join us in donating to their cause.


About Arts From Ashes:

Since its inception in 2003, Art from Ashes (AfA) has provided creative empowerment workshops to more than 13,000 young people who have survived traumatic events, are victims of abuse, neglect and/or poverty, and are at risk for or are currently engaged in destructive behaviors.

The workshops are meant to facilitate expression, connection and transformation among the most neglected and vulnerable segments of the community, and are held in juvenile detention facilities, treatment centers, and schools.

The workshops are completely free-to-attend for community youth, and they receive a hot meal during each workshop. PECAA’s goal of raising $20,000 for the organization will provide up to 80 young people with an opportunity to attend 8 workshops.

These workshops reinforce self-affirmation and expression through poetry and spoken word, visual and tactile art, drama and creative play in a non-judgmental space.

Art From Ashes uses right-brain techniques and cutting-edge scientific information on creativity, neurology and youth development to address risk factors among struggling young people. Studies show that factors contributing to juvenile delinquency include a lack of activities for youth that provide constructive development experiences; disconnect between youth and adults; and the lack of personal resiliency that results from low self-esteem/self-efficacy. Art from Ashes workshops focus on positive, interactive activities that are designed to promote healthy thinking and behaviors.

A survey of their youth participants conducted in 2018 revealed:

  • A 68.2% increase in youth who say they feel a strong connection to their community
  • A 36% increase in youth who say they make good decisions
  • A 23.8% increase in youth who say they stay away from drugs
  • A 32.7% increase in youth who say they stay away from alcohol

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