IncentivEYES® Rebate & Member Program:

Up to 4% rebate on total net purchases
10% Discount on all Morel products



PECAA Member Programs, Annual Rebate & Incentives

PECAA Member Discount

  • 10% discount on all Morel products

Annual Rebate*

  • Purchase $6,000 or more, earn a 2% rebate
  • Purchase $12,000 or more and earn a 4% rebate

*All brands eligible except Öga Wood. Return rate must be less than or equal to 15% to qualify for rebates.

New Account Promotion

Opening Order Piece Count Discount Level
30 20%
25 5 Free (30 total frames)


My Morel Academy

Learn with us!

There is so much more to our designs than what meets the eye. My MOREL Academy is an online training portal featuring concepts for each MOREL collection. After logging in, users will have access to training videos containing information on materials, technical aspects, and the inspiration behind each concept. In addition, there are also tutorials on the assembly of frames from each of our collections.

My MOREL Academy is the ultimate training resource in providing MOREL’s partners with the tools to educate on our products.

Morel Frame Hero

Developed for MOREL’s independent retailers, Frame Hero supports your warranty by offering replacement parts completely free (including shipping!).

Screws, temples, and nose pads are all available in one place. MOREL Frame Hero can be accessed online or in app, available for download on either your Apple or Android device.




The Öga collection is inspired by Scandinavian design movement dedicated to function. Bold construction and architectural lines make Öga a fit for confident and contemporary men looking for high-quality, comfortable, distinctive frames.


Sophisticated and feminine, Koali is made exclusively for women. For this collection, MOREL has created colorful frames that reveal perfectly-mastered creativity tempered with elegance.


Durability and comfort are the driving force behind Lightec’s innovative designs. Screwless hinges combined with lightweight materials make Lightec the only option for men and women who place comfort first.


MOREL’s Nomad collection is fearless. Like a chameleon, Nomad designs adapt to the trends of right now. Elements such as color and material dictate the direction of these smart designs complemented by a playful style.


New and Existing Morel Accounts

You can setup your account with MOREL either directly with our Home Office or with your MOREL Sales Representative. To find your MOREL Sales Representative, please contact or Customer Service Team by phone or email at 800 526 8838 or

If you would like to set your account up right away, here’s how:

  1. Complete our Credit Application, please print!
  2. Send your completed Credit Application to us.
  1. We’ll let your MOREL Sales Representative know we’ve received your application.
  2. Your MOREL Sales Representative will reach out to schedule an appointment.



About Morel:


MOREL’s story is, above all else, one of a family that has been designing eyewear as an independent French company since 1880.

To MOREL, our independence means that we have the freedom to create eyewear with passion and ingenuity, whether that means paving the way with new technology and designs, or creating a design that we know the market is craving. MOREL’s design team never has to work within the restrictions of licensed brands, as an independent, our collections belong to us, and they always will.


Working with MOREL means that you always have a partner. We understand value and we are always trying to create more ways to support you and your business.

For instance, shipping costs can really affect your bottom line. Not only does MOREL ship backorders for free, but you also never have to worry about shipping cases back to us.

Another way you can save with MOREL? We always offer the last price paid which means you never have to worry about if you are receiving full credit. Speaking of returns, MOREL holds a 3-year warranty on manufacturer defects to make sure we have your warranty covered.

You can order frames online at or by calling into any of our Customer Service Specialists. When you place your order by 3:30 PM EST, it will ship the same day.

When your bill arrives, know that you can pay online, there is no need to write a check and use a stamp (even more savings!), just use our website.

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