HealthxMD is available only to eyecare practices with an Ophthalmologist on staff

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Why HealthxMD?

HealthxMD provides an ultrasound diagnostic platform/transcranial doppler test (TCD) that measures the velocity of blood in the ocular and neurovascular systems. With a turn-key program that places the ultrasound technology and technician in the eye care practice, a patient can be rapidly evaluated for their risk of TIA, CVA, OCA, neurological vascular disorders, ophthalmic ischemia or occlusion, detection of intracranial arteriosclerosis, detection of embolization, and stroke.

At its core, TCD testing has been a valuable diagnostic tool since the mid-1980s for those patients who have histories consistent with being at risk of stroke or other cardiovascular events. Normally delivered in a hospital environment due to its portability, TCD was introduced in ophthalmic practices beginning around 2009. In recent years due to continual clinical articles being written that addresses the correlation between certain ophthalmic diseases and risk of stroke/cardiovascular events, TCD services via HealthxMD have seen a steady increase in client expansion.

HealthxMD allows practices to grow without adding more patients. By practicing a more comprehensive standard of eye care, practices increase the number of clinical services you provide to each patient. HealthxMD developed a turn-key platform to address the healthcare needs of patients who sit in your waiting rooms each and every day.

Prime candidates to have a TCD ordered are ones with diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or glaucoma suspect, WET AMD, CRVO, BRVO, prior history of heart attack or stroke, and many more conditions.


“HealthxMD offers a great opportunity to expand service lines at our ophthalmology practice.”
— Practice Administrator, Louisiana


“The services provided by HealthxMD contributed towards potentially saving two lives the very first week of service. It has become a diagnostic testing tool that ophthalmologists will rely upon.”
— Retinal Physician, Florida


“Any time we can enhance care at no cost to the practice, no disruption to the staff, and guaranteed profits… that’s a great service to sign up for.”
— Private Equity Partner, Texas

Account Setup

To learn more about HealthxMD, please contact:

Ken Metzler
Director of Business Development
Office: 941-893-2411 Ext 808 | Mobile: 631-291-6562


About HealthxMD

The leadership of HealthxMD are all seasoned eye care executives that have been part of most major patient initiatives ranging from phacoemulsification to foldable lens introduction, RK, PRK, LASIK, and the current modalities of refractive resources.

With the understanding that from age 40, the average patient will visit their eye care provider more frequently than any other medical provider, the team at HealthxMD developed this turn-key platform to address the healthcare needs of patients who sit in our clients’ waiting rooms each and every day.


PECAA Partnership

HealthxMD and PECAA are working together to help Members add services that enhance the quality of care, quality of vision, and quality of life for their current patients while promoting financial stability and growth for the practice. Working with HealthxMD, PECAA Members receive:

Improved care for your patients

  • Aging patients visit their eye care providers more than other medical specialists
  • Diagnostic exam that can be completed annually during eye exams
  • Identifies patients who may be at risk of stroke or other cardiovascular events

No upfront costs to implement

  • HealthxMD provides the technology, no long-term monthly payments on equipment
  • No additional staffing required. HealthxMD has an abundance of certified ultrasound technicians that work directly in the practice
  • HealthxMD’s staff is HIPPA certified and educated on ophthalmology

Minimal change to the flow of your practice

  • HealthxMD’s staff have years of experience working within the ophthalmology industry. We understand how a practice runs

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