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10% rebate back on total net purchases

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PECAA Member Benefits

Etnia wants to reward the loyalty of existing PECAA Member accounts, so we chose to offer the highest IncentivEYES® rebate of all participating vendors. The 10% quarterly IncentivEYES® rebate is a big commitment to the success of our joint partnership.

  • Earn 10% quarterly rebate on net purchases
  • Etnia Barcelona does not offer discounts on frames

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New Customers:

Existing Customers:

Members with an existing Etnia Barcelona account will receive a 10% rebate in 2020 for their 2019 purchases. To align your Etnia Barcelona account with the PECAA program, fill out this form here.


Etnia Barcelona is an independently owned company and makes every effort to create a unique product that helps independent optometrists. We believe that our company matches very well with the beliefs of PECAA and its members. This has already shown to be successful in existing PECAA member practices, such as Accent Eyewear in Hillsboro, OR. Dr. Lance Anderson has seen tremendous success making Etnia his premier go to collection.

About Etnia Barcelona:

Etnia Barcelona is a pioneer in the study and application of color. Since its beginnings, the brand has wanted not only to manufacture eyewear but to also make its mark by creating a brand that revolves around color. It uses the finest materials and the best partners to ensure high quality in every one of its designs. Etnia Barcelona is free, human, multi-ethnic but, above all, it is culture. Inspired by movements, it creates its story through collaborations with creators from the worlds of art and photography.

Etnia Barcelona works with strategic partners like WSGN and CARLIN, analyzing the trends of each season to be able to offer the perfect color combinations in its products. Based on exhaustive research in fashion, runway and street trends, the Etnia Barcelona team develops the palettes that will make up its models each season. An accurate vision of what’s coming balanced with classic elegance for every type of person.

Etnia Barcelona uses the most advanced lenses in the world, manufactured using pure mineral crystal. These scratch-resistant lenses offer the best color and visual experience. They also work with natural acetate, a material that comes from cotton and is known for its comfort and malleability. The brand designs and develops a complete range of textures and colors for each season.

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