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If you are looking to hire an optometrist, optician or staff immediately, you’ve come to the right place! With premium access, you’ll get access to over 10,000 eyecare candidates! PECAA Members receive 10% off all premium services!

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Why We Chose PECAA

Optometry is modernizing, digitizing and becoming more streamlined than ever. When the CovalentCareers team say down to determine who we wanted to partner with, we looked for a professional alliance group who embraced technology and efficiency. PECAA is defining a new generation of ODs who embrace great technology and we knew that CovalentCareers would fit in well with this forward-thinking group!

About CovalentCareers is the #1 career development company for new eye care professionals, providing them with education and job placements. We are responsible for helping optometrist employers like you hire more optometrists, opticians, and staff than any other job company in the industry!
By creating a job listing you will see which optometrists, opticians, and staff that you match with along with complete resume access. You’ll accept applications from candidates and will be able to message candidates directly through the CovalentCareers platform or through email.
Make a hire today and receive 10% off through PECAA!

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