WELCOME to a RENAISSANCE in optical accessories:

  • 50% discount on Print
  • Discounts on readers, cases, and various accessories
  • Discounts on floor standing displays
  • FREE printing on all Spray Cleaner Products


Member Benefits

PECAA member will be billed through CalOptix and must be in good standing to receive benefits.

  • NO minimums on Disney/Marvel/DC/Dreamworks Kids frames
  • 10% discount on branded kids frames and cases.
  • NEW ALLO READER designs- Allo GO – Allo Slim- receive 10% discount
  • FREE Reader display with order of 24 ALLO readers or more
  • NEW B2B website with new products added quarterly
  • NEW Customer Accounting Portal- view ALL invoices and payment history
  • Top-tiered pricing on Classic clamshells, cloths, lens cleaner and kits
  • Half price for printing per item on cases and cloths
  • 10% discount on Handmade & Specialty cases
  • Tiered pricing on CalCase Designs
  • NEW START offices receive FREE PRINT SET and FREE printing on opening order only
  • NEW START offices receive tiered incentives and terms for kids frame which may include display and poster
  • FREE subscription for emailed PROMOS: https://bit.ly/CxSub




What's New

  • B2B Website: caloptix.com
  • Customer Accounting Portal
  • Trending ALLO styles, ALLO GO & ALLO SLIM with Blue light filters
  • FREE subscription for regular Promos
  • Optical dispensing bags- 2 Sizes
  • Anti-FOG lens cleaner & PPE

Large Variety of Assorted Optical Products

CalOptix Products

Western Optical Dispensing Tools and Lab Supplies:
American owned company that takes pride in quality products at affordable prices. German Stainless-Steel dispensing tools, “HOW TO” videos & professional consultations.  NEW for Western Optical is the GOLDILOCKS SCREW GAUGE

CalOptix CUSTOM– provide infinite options for custom designs for cases, cleaners, and cloths. Custom designs will build your office brand. Use custom designs as a referral tool for potential clients.

Convenient auto-ship programs created with your needs and expectations in mind. These programs will save you money and your staff time.


To align your CalOptix account with the PECAA program, fill out this form here.”


PECAA Partnership

Our long-standing vendor partnership with PECAA allows members the opportunity to take full advantage of high-quality optical accessories, branded products, and innovative designs.  This reflection on your practice will reassure your clients they are receiving quality professional care with that personal touch.

CONTACT your sales representative or CalOptix customer service for more details.  customerservice@caloptix.com  or 1-800-523-5567

About CalOptix

CalOptix was founded in 1935 as California Optical, a manufacturer of premium eyewear cases. We have a rich history with origins that started well before 1935. Our original design and production of leather cases for Rayban aviator eyewear during WWII, provided the foundation for who we are today.

In 2019, CalOptix was purchased by PanOceanic Eyewear allowing us to expand our presence in the optical industry by offering branded kids frames and cases.

Today, we are the #1 choice for eyecare professionals in the US market while expanding our expertise and investment to build unique consumer brands and innovative products with a leadership position in eyewear cases, lens cleaner and our branded over the counter readers.

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