PECAA Member Exclusive Pricing:

Single Provider Practice Unlimited Plan*

  • Unlimited claims/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $91.00/monthly
  • Set up fee $250


Multiple Provider Practice Plans*

  • 75 Claim Submissions/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $55.00/monthly
  • Additional Claims $0.48
  • Set up fee $250


  • 100 Claim Submissions/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $69.00/monthly
  • Additional Claims $0.48
  • Set up fee $250


  • 200 Claim Submissions/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $114.00/monthly
  • Additional Claims $0.48
  • Set up fee $250


  • 500 Claim Submissions/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $213.00/monthly
  • Additional Claims $0.48
  • Set up fee $250


  • 1,000 Claim Submissions/Unlimited Eligibility
  • $351.00/monthly
  • Additional Claims $0.48
  • Set up fee $250


*Pricing for New Apex EDI Accounts.  Existing customers keep current pricing


Apex EDI Now Offers Credentialing Services

Apex is pleased to announce that we now offer Credentialing Services.

  • Work with the same expert company that processes your electronic claims.
  • Eliminate the stress of credentialing and re-credentialing – Apex does both!
  • Eliminate the hassle of dealing with Medicare and Medicaid – Apex will do it for you!
  • Save time by having Apex take care of credentialing with most commercial payers.
  • Get your $$ faster by enrolling for EFTs – Apex can do that too!

Call us at (855) 404-3240 or click here to signup for our credentialing service today.


Account Setup:

Apex EDI is dedicated to providing a smooth and simple transition of your electronic claims processing.

New Apex EDI Customers:

  • Please complete the Registration Form and fax it to 801.642.0333 to let Apex EDI start helping you get your claims paid.
  • You may also learn more online at Apex EDI
  • A member of the Apex team will contact you to provide an introduction and assist you with any questions you may have.

Existing Apex EDI Customers:

Please contact Customer Support at to adjust your monthly billing to PECAA’s discounted rate.

To add an additional provider to an existing account, please complete the Additional Provider Registration Form and fax to 801.642.0333


PECAA Partnership:

As many offices are feeling the changes associated with running an EMR/EHR, PECAA has created an additional opportunity to assist their providers. Through a combined initiative with Apex EDI, PECAA will assist you in creating an improved insurance claims and billing experience.

This focus is to assist their providers to improve the technology and efficiency of daily operations. The PECAA claims portal powered by Apex EDI:

  • Allows you to track and manage your insurance claims
  • Available to any PECAA Member regardless of practice management software
  • Software compatibility: Designed to assist practice management software to seamlessly combine the details of every claim you send.
  • Increase Revenue: fast payments, friendly customer service, and low costs are benefits of using Apex EDI!
  • Real time claims status and patient eligibility verification!

About Apex EDI:

Apex can offer your practice benefits and advantages you simply won’t find anywhere else. Apex exists to make sure you get paid for every insurance claim you submit— without hassles, mistakes, or delays. Find out how we can take the time, effort, and worry out of processing insurance claims, so you can focus on caring for patients and growing your practice.

Faster Payments—Apex works with more than 1,200 healthcare payer organizations to monitor the progress of every claim you submit, resolve problems, and make sure you get paid quickly.

Higher Productivity—Apex works with any practice management system. At the end of every day, you simply click the Apex “One Touch” button to upload claims to our system, and we take care of the rest.

Total Peace of Mind—Powerful claim tracking tools provide you with detailed, real-time information about the status of every active claim from any computer with an Internet connection.

Happier Patients—Professional, efficient statements with perforated payment coupons and windowed return envelopes translate directly into faster payments, fewer complaints, and more satisfied patients.

Lower costs—With Apex, there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You pay a one-time setup charge and a flat monthly rate that allows you to submit and process an unlimited number of electronic claims.

Learn more, schedule a demo, and get started with Apex today. Call 855.404.3240

For complete details and to see a list of EHR softwares currently integrated with Apex EDI, visit

VIDEO: Sending Claims

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