PECAA Member Benefits

  • Complimentary HIPAA compliance webinars exclusive to PECAA members
  • Education on the latest requirements and statistics all eye care practices must be aware of
  • 10% discount on the Abyde software solution


Why Abyde?

The Abyde software solution is the easiest way for any sized eye care provider to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. Abyde’s revolutionary approach guides medical practices through mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements such as:

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA training for doctors and staff
  • Business Associate Agreement portal
  • Customized policy documentation and more!

HIPAA Compliance Webinars

Join a 45-minute Educational HIPAA Compliance Webinar exclusive for PECAA members to learn how Abyde can help educate and automate your practice when it comes to stress-free HIPAA compliance.


How strong is your current HIPAA compliance program? Take our HIPAA Challenge to see how Abyde could help your practice.

Features that Set the Standard

Abyde’s intuitive design in combination with industry-leading features like push notifications, conditional questions, and HIPAA Training and Business Associate Portals, makes it easy to juggle practice management stressors and comply with mandatory HIPAA regulations.


Account Setup for Abyde

To get started with Abyde, please sign up here.

Phone: 800.594.0883 Option 2
Email:  – Inquiries often returned same business day


Why Abyde Chose PECAA

Abyde chose PECAA because we believe in PECAA’s mission to promote and protect independent eye care. The relationship between Abyde and PECAA will bring forth to PECAA members unparalleled support for complex HIPAA requirements as well as exclusive discounts for Abyde’s industry’s leading HIPAA solution.

Why PECAA Chose Abyde

“It is becoming more common to learn of data breaches or unauthorized access to electronic PHI in healthcare news. The fines for these breaches are significant. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) requires proper HIPAA compliance programs to meet privacy and security rules, regardless of the size of the practice. It is the responsibility of your practice to identify and mitigate potential risks, as well as safeguards, and to proactively implement and document policies. In addition, OCR expects practices to complete annual training for both physicians and staff. PECAA recognizes the burden this puts on you.

Tackling HIPAA Compliance without outside help can be complicated and seem overwhelming. Our partnership with Abyde provides a way to address the necessity of being HIPAA compliant in an efficient and effective manner. Abyde alleviates the confusion and strain associated with compliance, enabling you to focus on your true top priorities – your patients and your practice.”
– Teri Thurston, Billing & Coding Advisor for PECAA

About Abyde

Like all good companies, Abyde started in a garage in Clearwater, Florida in 2016 with the thought there could be an easier, more cost-effective way for medical practices to attain and sustain HIPAA compliance. Fast forward three years and Abyde has celebrated: a double digit consecutive quarters of company growth, a rapidly growing client list, 30+ rewarding partnerships, and has solidified itself as the preeminent HIPAA compliance brand.

After more than a decade in the healthcare industry, our co-founders knew that something was missing when it came to HIPAA. The industry – overcomplicated, confusing, and missing a single complete solution – was ready for disruption. Enter Abyde.

Built by health IT professionals, legal experts, and seasoned developers, Abyde is the easiest way to alleviate HIPAA stress.

See Abyde in Action!


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