Evaluate Your Team

Determine whether potential candidates are a good fit for your practice, or evaluate your current team members to understand what their strengths and opportunities are with PECAA’s new Employee Assessment tool.

Built specifically for the independent optometric office, this assessment measures four dimensions of behavior to determine how the individual responds to challenges, responds to their environment, responds to rules and procedures, and how they influence others.

After the individual takes the assessment, one of PECAA’s Member Service Coordinators will walk through the results with a practice decision maker to ensure they understand the individual’s outcomes. You will also be guided through their benchmarks against industry standardized profiles based on the individual’s job title (Optician, Ophthalmic Technician, Office Manager, etc).

The Employee Assessment costs $29/assessment, or you may purchase a set of 5 assessments for $125.

Why Would Someone Take An Assessment? 

Are You Considering Hiring a New Employee?

PECAA’s Employee Assessment will help screen potential candidates and narrow down the pool of applicants to help you determine which potential hire would fit in well with your practice.

Trying to Determine What An Existing Staff Member’s Strengths/Opportunities for Improvement Are?

Have your current team members complete the assessment to understand what personality traits come naturally to them. This will affect how they interact with your other team members, your patients, and themselves based on their everyday typical behaviors. Based on their results, you can then tailor communication and directions to each individual employee in ways that will elicit a positive response from those team members.


What Is Involved In An Assessment? 

This Assessment Measures Four Dimensions of Normal Behavior, Including:

  • How the individual responds to problems and challenges
  • How the individual responds to the pace of their environment
  • How the individual responds to rules and procedures set by others
  • How the individual influences others to their point of view

A comprehensive report will be sent via e-mail to the practice decision maker after the individual completes an assessment. If you’d like to review their results in more detail, one of PECAA’s Member Service Coordinators will be available to discuss the report as well as benchmark the individual’s results against industry standardized profiles based on their job title (or potential title), such as Optician, Office Manager, Billing Specialist, etc.

Below is an example of some of the visual components that are included in an Employee Assessment report.


What Does An Assessment Cost? 

An Employee Assessment costs $29/assessment, or, you may purchase a set of 5 assessments for $125.

Before you receive the assessment results you will be asked to pay for the assessment(s) via credit card. You will be contacted directly by one of PECAA’s Member Service Coordinators to pay for the assessment, after which, you will be provided with a copy of the individual’s results and can schedule a call with a PECAA Team Member to review their DISC profile.

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