About the MBA Program

The Member Business Advisor (MBA) Program is an initiative aimed to give you an outside financial perspective on your business. This service is included in your monthly membership and is available to PECAA Members located throughout the country. The program starts with a comprehensive assessment of your business. After the initial assessment, you and your MBA will work together to determine potential areas for financial improvement and lay out a structured plan to achieve results.

Business Assessment

  • P&L Analysis. The MBA will review your most recent P&L to determine the financial health of the practice and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • SuccessTRACK Production Tracking by Glimpse Analysis. Identify and review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your MBA and create an OnTrack Action Plan to measure improvement.
  • Vendor & IncentivEYES Review. Maximize your Cost of Goods Savings through an analysis of your current vendor usage and opportunities with PECAA’s other vendor partners.
  • Marketing Assessment. PECAA’s Member Marketing team will review and assess your web, social media, and in office marketing presence.

MBA Practice Performance Review

After identifying a course of action through your MBA Assessment, you will begin regular quarterly visits with your MBA to drive improvement. Each visit will focus on a specific area of your business to ultimately achieve your financial goals. In addition to in depth discussion and recommendations to improve the area of focus for that visit, the MBA will also complete:

  • Full Analysis. The MBA will dive deeper into your financials, reviewing liquidity, cash flow, profitability and key business metrics.
  • SuccessTRACK Production Tracking by Glimpse Analysis. An updated analysis on your production metrics will be completed to determine any trends or changes since your MBA Assessment or last MBA Visit. OnTrack Action Plan will be discussed and updated.
    IncentivEYES Review. Walk through your most recent
  • IncentivEYES statement to ensure you are maximizing your rebate potential.
  • PECAA Services Review. Discuss each of PECAA’s services and programs to make sure they are meeting your needs.

What Members are Saying About the MBA Program

The MBA program at PECAA has been extremely helpful for our practice in analyzing and understanding our numbers, as well as setting benchmarks and goals. We look forward to our quarterly meetings where we evaluate our performance on Glimpse and compare it to the national averages. This has really helped us identify the areas we needed to improve, and we have been able to focus and make appropriate changes in our practice. I really appreciate the individualized attention they have given us. The advice has been an invaluable asset to our practice! – Dr. Mila Ioussifova

Words cannot express how pleased we are with the PECAA MBA Program. On-site education assures that all staff will be up to date with new ideas for our practice and improvement objectives. Financial reviews provide our Doctor and Practice Manager with operational insight and areas for improved profitability and patient satisfaction. We could not be happier with the MBA Program. – Ms. Patti Bushnell

As a new practice owner, I found the PECAA MBA program to be particularly helpful. It was so valuable to have someone outside of my practice to look at my metrics, give advice and help me set goals for the future of my practice. Every doctor who is a PECAA member should take advantage of this service. It is such a fantastic program to have included in our dues. – Dr. Jen Burke

Meet Your MBA Team

Bryan Hoban
Member Business Manager

Tyler Judkins
Financial Advisor

Teri Thurston
Billing & Coding Advisor

Jenny Wiley
Practice Operations Advisor


Get started today and start realizing the benefits of PECAA membership in your own practice.

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