About The Billing & Coding Workshop

PECAA is excited to introduce brand-new Billing & Coding Workshops that are designed for individuals wanting to improve their billing skills and discover best practice solutions to easily implement into their practice.

Led by PECAA’s Billing & Coding Advisor Teri Thurston, this two-day workshop is free to attend and will include plenty of education and hands-on interactive application to apply what participants have learned.

Whether a beginner or an intermediate, this exclusive, hands-on interactive workshop will walk participants through the life cycle of a claim, do a deep dive into various coding scenarios involving specific insurance policies, discuss causes behind the most common denials and provide solutions to avoid denials proactively in the future.

What Members Are Saying About the Workshop…

This was fantastic! Such a great investment of my time. I have so many ideas and new pieces of knowledge that will allow me to make small changes that will have significant benefits, plus gave me lots of ideas for bigger actions I’d like to take. Staying on top of AR is so crucial, and I appreciate it in a new way from within the context of this day and a half training. Thank you! -Robin Bely, The EyeSite



I have to say this workshop was by far one of the best workshops, where I had all of my questions answered and definitely learned a lot from the round table discussions with people facing the same challenges as I do on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend it to any one… 5 stars! -Maria Nava-Garcia, Kennewick Vision Care

This workshop provided so many helpful tools on how to manage AR/Denials and MIPS tools. -Alysia Smith, Richardson Eye of Battleground



Half Day Thursday:

  • Life Cycle of a Claim
  • Billing Metrics
  • Action Plans
  • Roundtable Discussion

Full Day Friday: 

  • Insurance Verification
  • Claim Submissions and Coding Scenarios
  • Claim Denial Management
  • Application of Learning/Active Workshop
  • Vision Plans
  • Payments

Workshop Schedule

Save the date for the following 2019 workshops (subject to change):

  • February 21 – 22: Portland, OR
  • March 7 – 8: Portland, OR
  • July 18-19: Portland, OR
  • August 1-2: Portland, OR
  • October 24-25: Portland, OR
  • November 7-8: Portland, OR


Workshop Speaker:


Teri Thurston, Billing & Coding Manager

PECAA’s Billing and Coding Manager Teri Thurston, has over twenty years experience in the Eye Care industry and has held various positions within the industry. Teri has over 10 years experience as the Billing Manager for a 10 location ophthalmology and optometry practice. She has extensive experience with all claim management processes and is knowledgeable in both medical and vision coding. She has implemented various billing workflows and technologies including several practice management conversions and a recent implementation of a paperless PM/EHR system. She has a solution-focused approach to change and devises billing processes that have sustainable outcomes. She is passionate about developing methods that increase time efficiencies and reduce costs. Her patient and kind approach to problem solving make her easy to work with and approachable.


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