Sara Campbell, Membership ManagerLearn more

Sara Campbell

Sara serves as PECAA’s primary membership sales person and has added 500+ new practices to the membership roster since joining the team in 2015. She is able to user her 20+ years of hands-on industry experience to help prospective Members learn about PECAA’s competitive & comprehensive portfolio of business tools. Sara also has the exciting responsibility of leading PECAA’s Member Services and Marketing teams.

Based out of Louisville, KY, Sara enjoys the occasional trip to Churchill Downs and a good bourbon; “served neat, of course!”

Michael Friedberg, OD, Director of Professional RelationsLearn more

Michael Friedberg, OD

Dr. Friedberg previously practiced as an independent optometrist for 33 years in Houston, TX before cofounding and managing the Optometric Professional Network (OPN) group. He joined the PECAA Team in 2014 when OPN’s Board of Directors approved a cooperative venture with PECAA. Michael runs PECAA’s Student Membership Program as well as PECAA’s Mentorship Program.

Michael has been happily married for 39 years and enjoys spending time with his son and two grandchildren. You can often find him on the golf course telling jokes!


Member Services

Cindy Schmitt, Member Services ManagerLearn more

Cindy Schmitt

Cindy has served as PECAA’s Member Services Manager since joining the team in 2012, and recently became the Education Coordinator in charge of all Member CE events. Cindy’s primary role at PECAA is to ensure the membership has an in-depth understanding of the programs and resources available to them.

Cindy now lives in Vancouver, WA but does miss the hours of sunlight she experienced while living in Alaska. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities, crafting and spending time with family and friends!

Sherry Hawk, Member Education ManagerLearn more

Sherry Hawk

Sherry Hawk came to the PECAA Team through OD Excellence, where she managed staff, education, special programs and vendor partner relationships. Now Sherry can be found beefing up PECAA’s education programs by organizing speakers, CE courses and special staff training courses for Members. She is very excited to bring new specialty education ideas to the team in order to help propel Member practices forward!

When not working, Sherry can be found in the mountains and deserts, rock crawling and snow wheeling in her jeep, Precious.

Jeff Cole, Membership AdministratorLearn more

Jeff Cole

Jeff’s professional background covers a wide range of activities, from business and marketing analysis to tradeshow management. Jeff joined the PECAA Team in 2017 and now coordinates all of PECAA’s Peer-to-Peer and Trade Show events, as well as organizes speaking engagements for PECAA at various optometry schools across the country.

Outside of his work life, Jeff takes advantage of Oregon’s beautiful outdoors- enjoying the many available trails and ski slopes.

Maggie Clark, Member Services CoordinatorLearn more

Maggie Clark

Maggie comes to PECAA with a diverse background in customer service, previously having held positions at a bookstore, shoe store and beekeeping supply company. As PECAA’s Member Services Coordinator, she responds to Member inquiries and helps to facilitate engagement with PECAA’s many programs and resources.

Maggie enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, reading science fiction novels and hanging out with other people’s cats. Someday, she hopes to have one of her own!

Jill Boyer, Member Services CoordinatorLearn more

Jill Boyer

Jill Boyer came to the PECAA Team through OD Excellence, where she assisted with onboarding new Members and worked with existing Members to help them utilize all of the tools and resources available to them. Jill recently moved to Portland, OR and now works out of the PECAA headquarters office!

In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with her two dogs and searching for a new cat to add to the family!



Lexi Reeve, Marketing ManagerLearn more

Lexi Reeve

Previously having filled the role of Sales Administrator at PECAA, Lexi now serves as PECAA’s Marketing Manager. She is pleased to be able to foster communication between PECAA and its current Members, as well as promoting PECAA to prospective Members in the form of press releases, industry publication advertisements and social media campaigns.

Lexi enjoys skiing in her spare time, playing with her two rescue dogs and discovering good sushi restaurants in Portland.

Noor Al-Muhaifeed, Vendor Marketing SpecialistLearn more

Noor Al-Muhaifeed

Noor recently joined PECAA as the Vendor Marketing Specialist. In this role, Noor works with PECAA’s Vendor Partners to develop campaigns and communications to promote exclusive incentives and programs to PECAA Members. Previously, Noor wore many hats as a marketing contractor – her projects ranged from email marketing and automation to graphic design and copywriting. She’s excited to bring her experience and skills to the PECAA Team.

Noor frequently hikes, kayaks, and runs. She loves sour beer, Mexican food, and has recently taken up knitting and hand embroidery.



Cathi Zerba, Event Planner Learn more

Cathi Zerba

Members always say; “Cathi puts on the best live-events in Optometry!” Cathi joined the PECAA Team in 2013 and organizes PECAA’s Signature Event each year… the Annual Meeting. In addition to the intricate process of planning a meeting for over 900+ individuals, Cathi also organizes PECAA’s workshops and acts as Office Manager for PECAA’s headquarters location in Portland, OR.

You can find Cathi on the golf course enjoying a glass of cabernet and soaking in the sun!


Member Business Advisors

Bryan Hoban, ManagerLearn more

Bryan Hoban

Bryan began his work career as an analyst and junior loan officer at a community bank focusing on small businesses. Bryan escaped the banking industry and joined PECAA in 2012 and can now be found helping Members analyze their business. He enjoys working with the rest of the MBA Team to help PECAA’s Members understand and enact positive change in their practice.

Outside of PECAA, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, playing golf and playing guitar.

Tyler Judkins, Financial AdvisorLearn more

Tyler Judkins

Members may refer to Tyler as the ‘money guy’ and for good reason – Tyler joined the PECAA Team in 2014 with over 15 years of commercial banking and finance experience. He currently serves as PECAA’s Business & Financial Advisor, performing financial assessments of the practice, conducting practice valuations, discussing Glimpse findings with Members and strategizing with practice leaders on issues such as marketing, staff incentives, expansion plans, new associates, and more.

Tyler is based out of Salt Lake City, UT and can be found coaching his kids football teams or listening to 80’s hair bands.

Teri Thurston, Billing & Coding AdvisorLearn more

Teri Thurston

Teri comes to PECAA with nearly 30 years experience in the eyecare industry. Prior to joining the PECAA Team in 2014, she acted as a Billing Manager for a 10 location ophthalmology and optometry practice with a team of 10 billers and coders. Currently, Teri serves as PECAA’s Billing & Coding Advisor, helping advise Members on revenue cycle processes, supplying resources and reference materials for correct coding, working with physicians and billers on proactively preventing denials, advising on areas of opportunities as well as hosting education workshops, webinars and one-on-one training sessions.

Teri enjoys trying out new recipes, exploring new places when the weather allows and spending time with her family and friends.

Jenny Wiley, Practice Operations & Cold Start AdvisorLearn more

Jenny Wiley

Prior to joining the PECAA Team in 2015, Jenny was leading multiple offices of a 10 location ophthalmology and optometry practice and has over 30 years of experience in the eyecare industry. She currently acts as PECAA’s Practice Operations Advisor and is also in charge of PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program, helping Members in the process of opening cold with customized resources and educational materials. She also plays an active role in the PECAA Gives Program, helping to select and promote each year’s recipient around the Annual Meeting.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys college sports (Go Terps!), hiking in the Gorge with her dog, good beer, great bourbon and hanging with her children.


Business Development

Jamie Hughes, Senior Vice President & General ManagerLearn more

Jamie Hughes

PECAA’s General Manager Jamie Hughes joined the Team in 2012 and does his best to ensure the PECAA staff has all of the tools, resources and support they need to take extraordinary care of our customers – PECAA Members. Jamie also works quite closely with PECAA’s Vendor Partners to ensure Members are getting the resources they need to propel their practices forward.

In his spare time (if he can find any!) Jamie can be found training for his next race, visiting family in Canada or spending time with his wife and two children.

Lance Anderson, OD, Vice President of Strategic InitiativesLearn more

Lance Anderson, OD

Dr. Anderson has been a practicing optometrist for 28 years and opened his own practice, Accent Eyewear, in Hillsboro OR in 1993. In 2007, he co-founded PECAA along with Dr. Bradley Smith and Dr. David Wolf. He has been an executive VP of PECAA since 2015 and currently serves as one of the Rev-360 Board of Directors. He looks forward to continuing PECAA’s efforts to develop industry relationships that benefit Member doctors, Vendor Partners, and PECAA headquarters.

While not working, Lance can be found on the golf course or exploring Oregon wine country with his wife Kelly and three daughters; Sloan, Marly and Abby.
Jill Stephenson, Operations Manager and Vendor PartnershipsLearn more

Jill Stephenson

Jill Stephenson joined PECAA in 2015 to help manage the relationships with and communications from PECAA’s Vendor Partners. She leads the Vendor Partner Team who organize IncentivEYES rebates and regulate the timing, frequency, and content of vendor marketing to Members.

Outside of PECAA, Jill enjoys soaking up the sun, listening to audiobooks to ease her commute, or making creative cocktails. She’s happily married and while kid-less, the forecast eventually calls for an end to petlessness with an adoption of at least 2 dogs.

Alan Madland, Business Development AnalystLearn more

Alan Madland

Alan, or more formally known as ‘Captain PECAA,’ joined the Team in 2015 and currently manages PECAA’s IncentivEYES Member Rebate Program. He works closely with PECAA’s Vendor Partners to collect sales reports and other data and organizes all of the reporting each quarter to consolidate rebates by cutting one check to Member practices. He is also PECAA’s informal ‘technology guru,’ often getting pulled into system improvement meetings and training the rest of the PECAA staff on how best to utilize their software.

You can most often find Alan with a cup of coffee in hand but when not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and working on projects in his yard.

Libby MacFarland, Member Success Analyst & Billing and Coding AdvisorLearn more

Libby MacFarland

Libby recently joined the PECAA team again after working with one of PECAA’s Vendor Partners for the last few years. She comes to PECAA with over 7 years of experience in billing and coding and 2 years of experience in Quality Reporting. With her expertise in both areas of practice, Libby will be assisting PECAA Members in maximizing their Membership. While not at work, Libby enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and dog. Outdoor adventures are one of her favorite activities to participate in!

Amy Johnston, Team Support CoordinatorLearn more

Amy Johnston

Amy has rejoined the PECAA team in the role of Team Support Coordinator. She previously worked as the Executive Assistant to the COO and Sales Administrative Assistant from 2012-2015. In this new position, she now serves as administrative support for Member Services, PECAA Vendor Partners and the MBA Team.

Amy enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and working out. You can find her cheering on the Seahawks on NFL Sundays. Go Hawks!



Kathy Long, Accounting ManagerLearn more

Kathy Long

Kathy has over 22 years experience in the eyecare industry. Prior to joining PECAA in 2015, she developed, implemented and managed many aspects of a practice including finance, operations, insurance, credentialing and I.T. She also directly participated in the planning and execution of 13 location remodels and 11 new, cold start offices and was responsible for the integration of over 25 practice acquisitions into the company’s HR, systems and processes. Kathy now serves as PECAA’s Accounting Manager working to bill Member practices, create and maintain budgets and monthly financials and to ensure the PECAA Team has everything they need to best serve Members.

Kathy is based out of Indianapolis, IN and enjoys a good cup of coffee, spending time with family and friends and staying up-to-date on pit bull rescues and fostering programs such as Roofus and Kilo or Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.



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