According to a recent study, 80% of internet users (about 93 million Americans) search for medical information online. This means current and potential patients are already online looking to connect with professionals and practices. With so many searches and potential for exposure, wouldn’t it be better that their first impression of your practice be a professionally designed website rather than a generic yelp page? 

The Importance of Optometry Websites

In today’s digital age, a well-designed optometry website is absolutely necessary in order to drive your optometry marketing effort forward. As the population becomes more and more tech-savvy, a website is becoming more like a practice’s phone number and no longer considered “extra”. Since websites are accessible 24/7, they act as an important source of information and means of communication, rather than pick up the phone and call your practice for general information, patients are far more likely to hop on your website for hours, directions and important information.

3 Ways Good Optometry Websites Can Boost Practices

optometry websites

  1. Attract New Patients  

Nowadays, consumers have high expectations for websites and marketing, in fact, when looking for new businesses or practices, many people start their search online. The initial search offers potential clients an introduction to your practice and this first impression is extremely important. If your competitors present a professional, well-designed website you must compete with their online presence or you’ll likely lose out on new business. 

In addition to an immediate first impression, your website also presents the opportunity to show potential customers why they should choose your practice. A very simple and cost-effective way of providing social proof is by listing reviews and providing client testimonials. Reviews are one of the most important factors when potential patients are considering a new doctor or practice and by providing them on your homepage you can gain their trust and hopefully provide enough proof for them to reach out and schedule an appointment. 

  1.   Build Patient Loyalty and Retention Rates

The next way an optometry website can boost your practice is by building patient loyalty. One incredible way of building loyalty is by providing your patients with regular, up-to-date updates through blog posts. Writing articles is a cost-effective way of communicating with current and potential clients about what’s important to them. This could be anything from “5 Eye Health Tips for the Summer” or “10 Frequently Asked Questions” etc. If you’re able to provide regular, relevant information, people will visit your website regularly and even better, share it with their friends or networks, further increasing your reach. This is also a great way to keep your patients’ attention, building loyalty over time and establishing your practice as a great source of information and care.

  1.   Improve your Practice’s Professional Reputation 

Not only does an optometry website attract new patients and build loyalty, it’s also a tool to establish credibility and build your reputation. When current or potential patients see a beautiful website with up-to-date information it will build trust much quicker than a poorly designed website or none at all. In fact, a practice without a website will likely appear as out-dated and behind the times. An informative website is not only building trust but promoting information sharing and credibility. 



PECAA’s Support of Optometry Websites

With the many ways an optometry website can boost your business, we strongly recommend allocating the necessary time and resources to get your website up and running. In fact, at PECAA we even offer our members marketing assistance which includes Optometry Website Design & Development

The websites we support our members with are mobile responsive and available in an infinite number of colors with an unlimited number of pages. 

They also include:

  • Patient Education Videos
  • Eye Health Articles
  • An Interactive Eye for Patient Learning
  • Online Appointment Requests
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Customer Support

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about our website services or membership in general, reach out to us today!


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