Starting or running your own practice is no small undertaking. There are many risks and challenges you’ll have to face along the way, but with the right optometry practice support and resources at your fingertips, you can reap the rewards that can come with being your own boss. 

Introduction to Doctor Alliance Networks 

A doctor alliance is a group that brings together like-minded professionals and offers them a range of benefits, including but not limited to: networking events, peer-to-peer support, access to training, opportunities for continued education, administrative tools and resources, group buying discounts, access to professional business advisors and consulting, and more. 

Many doctor alliance networks are specific to certain medical fields such as optometry, dentistry, physicians, etc. These will likely be more useful as they provide tools, advice and opportunities more specifically tailored to your field. 

Benefits of Joining an Alliance

  1. Strength in Numbers: The most obvious benefit to joining a doctor alliance is the chance to connect, network and learn from other professionals in your field. Many alliances hold large in-person events where you can meet hundreds of like-minded peers, exchange ideas and lessons learned, and support each other with advice and referrals.
  2. Education & Training: Owning your own practice can be stressful, and one way to reduce the burden on you is to ensure you and your staff are as educated and trained as possible. An alliance will usually provide access to extensive online and in-person training opportunities to stay-up-to-date on the latest research and techniques, as well as opportunities to advance your education and gain additional certifications.
  3. Tools & Resources: Running your own practice requires a lot of skills you probably didn’t master in medical school, including human resources, billing and coding, and marketing, to name a few. In fact, an increasing number of doctors are taking salaried positions at hospitals in order to avoid these administrative headaches. However, as part of a professional alliance, you’ll usually have access to a large library of tools and resources to help you set up and run efficient operations in these administrative areas and more. 
  4. Group Discounts & Rebates: Some doctor alliances provide access to group discounts and loyalty rebates to save you on the costs of equipment, medications and other materials.
  5. Consulting: Many alliances offer members access to professional business advisors that can provide an important outside assessment of your practice. Advisors can help analyze your profits and losses, assess your key performance indicators, and review your vendor discounts to identify potential areas of improvement and help you develop action plans to achieve the results you’re after. Advisors can also help you through challenging periods such as key personnel changes or the difficult decision to sell your practice when the time comes. 


Optometry Doctor Alliance: Meet PECAA!

doctor allianceIf you are looking for a doctor alliance specifically tailored to the field of optometry, consider joining the Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA). We are a well-established and respected network of over 3,700 eye care professionals, offering all of the benefits outlined above and more! 

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