You’ve finally got your private optometry practice up and running – congratulations! Getting started is no easy feat, but you know the real work is just beginning. Developing and maintaining a successful private optometry practice takes effort, dedication, creativity, and going the extra mile to ensure the highest quality care for your patients. How to build a strong, supportive community, how to make patients feel welcome and valued, and how to keep your team educated and up-to-date on the latest technologies and treatments are a few of the core skills that will help you excel in this field. 

Build Your Private Practice Optometry Community 

Once your private optometry practice is established, you need to put time and effort towards building a sense of community. You should actively network in the community where your practice is based and introduce yourself to other local medical professionals. You may also want to consider joining local community groups to engage and meet other small business owners in the area. In time, these neighborly relationships can transform into a robust referral network of other professionals and businesses who can send new patients your way.  A strong community can also provide opportunities to learn from others and feel more supported during challenging times. Additionally, national networking communities like PECAA can be a great way to supplement your local relationship-building efforts. 

Prioritize Your Practice’s Patient Care 

private practice optometryA little extra effort goes a long way in making patients feel comfortable and welcome at your practice. This should start the moment a patient walks through your doors; simple gestures like being welcomed immediately or being offered a beverage while they wait in a comfortable chair will help make your clients feel more relaxed and at-ease. Next, try to bond and converse with the patients when you bring them in for their appointment. Perhaps most importantly, aim to educate patients as you work with them (tell them about things they can do to prevent further problems, inform them of new research, share an interesting fact, etc.) This will show that you are well-informed, but also that you want to work together with the patient and involve them in their own care. 


Keep Learning and Training Your Team 

It’s crucial that you never view your education as complete in this field; no matter how successful your practice appears on the surface, there is always more to learn, and you must stay on the cusp of it all in order to maintain the highest quality patient care. PECAA understands the importance of education in your practice, and offers an enhanced education platform which provides endless opportunities for you and your team to earn Continuing Education credits and stay up-to-date on the industry’s newest technologies and medical treatments. 

Mastering Private Practice Optometry 

If you develop a strong community, always put the patient first, and continually strive to learn and train your team, you will be well on your way towards running a successful, well-respected and high-quality practice. Of course there are many more things to learn, and that’s why joining an optometry group community like ours can help make it all feel more manageable and exciting! 

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